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“I hope the intelligent Rangers fans won’t see that” – Ibrox media cheerleaders hail 3-0 defeat

The narrative surrounding *Rangers 3-0 defeat last night is quite perplexing.

We have now gone full circle with the media where they are now saying that losing 3-0 in the second half instead of in the first half is ‘signs of improvement’.

On the face of it, let’s stick to the facts.

Over the last three fixtures, they’ve scored ZERO goals and conceded ELEVEN. That is a damning stat that simply cannot be spun.

The guys at Go Radio tried to and, to be honest, the pundits of Barry Ferguson and Chris Burke analysis of last nights performance is laughable:

If this was Celtic, we, the supporters, would be having none of it.

And you can be sure that Chris Sutton and John Hartson wouldn’t try to pull the wool over our eyes and claim the team had improved if we had that kind of run of results.

The lack of critical analysis of that club from our media is simply stunning.

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