“Someone disagrees n they are a Tim” – Sevco fan makes honest Seville admission

You know what’s weird? There has been countless articles and pieces written about the last time *Rangers got to a European final and the fan experience of such a great occasion yada yada yada.

Calls for a fan zone in Seville for those travelling without tickets have been ongoing in the media for weeks now. And calls for the club to hold a beam back to Ibrox.

Both calls seem to be falling on deaf ears. And there are *Rangers fans wondering why!


Have they conveniently forgotten about the absolute carnage they caused in Manchester?

The utter devastation and riots that were, at the time, described as ‘One of Manchester’s worst nights of violence since the Blitz‘.

The lack of self awareness from these fans is astounding.

But one fan called it as it was. No sugar coating when Heart & Hand released this tweet:

And when the fans started to feel hard done by like this guy:

A brutal reply by this Rangers fan did not go down well.

At least he was a realist. He knew EXACTLY why these calls are falling on deaf ears.

But they don’t like the truth do they and it does seem as though he received a fair bit of abuse for that reply on this thread:

And to show just how deluded these guys are, check this:

Mental eh?

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