“Why does this idea frighten you?”, “I’d delete your tweet” – Rangers Review editor rinsed for Hartson tweet

Ibrox Stadium

You know what I like about all this furore over John Hartson’s comments about Bobby Madden?

The sheer hypocrisy of the Rangers support now kidding on that they are concerned about the welfare of referees and the sporting integrity of the game.

Remind me again which club sent an EIGHT POINT dossier to the SFA after they had a player sent off for the first time in two years?

And what were they saying about Madden not stopping the play just before Hatate’s goal in the 3-0 drubbing of them in our backyard?

Yeah, mind blowing hypocrisy.

And yet here we are.

And after John Hartson called for referees outside the country to control VAR in Scotland, we have Johnny McFarlane of the Rangers Review seemingly having a wee issue with it:

Now I’m guessing McFarlane never listened to the whole show because Hartson said on numerous occasions that he believes this should happen to take more pressure off the referees because there will still be questions about impartiality of the VAR controller from both sides of the Glasgow divide.

But that doesn’t suit his ageanda.

And these Celtic fans called him out on it:

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