Heart & Hand stoop to a new low using CSA to point score

You really have to wonder why *Rangers associate themselves with this site.

I genuinely do.

They are unprofessional at best. Two bit at worst.

Some of the utter guff they come away with has been well covered in this site but this one is a new low.

As news broke today that Celtic face a class action lawsuit over the sex abuse scandal, the club have yet to comment.

I hope that all the survivors of this heinous crime get the compensation they deserve and that it will help them move on with their lives.

News also broke that Celtic are set to play *Rangers in a friendly match and what does Rangers official media partner do? This:

It is genuinely mental how their thought process works. That fan base has a warped obsession with CSA at Celtic and it is not borne out of concern for their victims.

A quick look at their timeline shows you what the priorities for that support is and it’s simple.

They will take any advantage as long as it means toppling Celtic as Scotland’s most successful club.

They really are a cesspit of filth.

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