“It’s not true” – Pundits shoot down Sevco fans Celtic/Aberdeen moonhowling conspiracy theory

Well as conspiracy theories go. This is a good one.

As Celtic won 3-2 against Aberdeen on Wednesday in a tough fought out draw, it seems the pressure of a title challenge is getting to some people.

For the new club, it’s the first time they have felt this pressure of a challenge. It’s new to them and their fans after bagging their first ever title so I can kind of understand how people crack under pressure.

But there’s cracking under pressure then there’s just being a total moonhowler.

This guy called William, called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard to ask the pundits Fraser Wishart and Simon Donnelly a question about the Celtic/Aberdeen fixture:

illiam: “Well was the next point I was going to voice.

I want to ask Fraser and Simon and I want the honest truth. If they can’t be honest then they shouldn’t be sitting there.

Historically Rangers and Aberdeen and Celtic and Aberdeen. Aberdeen they have four cup finals a year against Rangers.

Nae pundit and none of my mates who are Celtic fans can tell me any different.

I want to ask Fraser and Simon. Why is it that Aberdeen turn up against Rangers four times a year and don’t turn up against Celtic.

I just want their honest opinion?

Simon: ‘No idea.’

Gordon: ‘Is it true?’ He thinks basically thinks Aberdeen try harder against Rangers than they do against Celtic.’

Simon: ‘I don’t think so. I don’t think so. You’re talking about Celtic wone there up at Pittodrie with an 85th minute goal. It was the same the year before.’

Fraser: ‘It’s a good perception but it’s just not true. Why would Christian Ramirez have a gripe with Celtic rather than Rangers? [Laughing in the background] That’s what William is suggesting here. It’s just not true.

Has the guy forgot we have only beaten Aberdeen by one goal in all three encounters this season?

Did he forget last season we drew 3-3 and 1-1 at Pittodrie and only beat them 1-0 in both meetings at Celtic Park? And the season before that there was a 4-0 win followed up by two 2-1 wins.

Hardly lying down.

The pressure is getting to them as they are now looking for anything to throw their hat on to put pressure on rival teams now that they see the Hoops are getting some refereeing decisions going for them..

Who’s a sh*tebag now?


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