Sectarian singing in full flow as public piano player goes viral

There’s something wrong with a support that simply cannot have a good natured football sing song without turning it into a sectarian hatefest.

A video circulated on twitter and facebook yesterday as a Rangers supporter took to the piano in the newly refurbished Queen Street train station and started playing some football songs.

Started innocently enough with some recognisable songs but it quickly turned sectarian as the pianist started to play the Billy Boys.

And the singing accompanying it made sure that people knew they were up to their knees as the crowd joined in.

You can view the video here.

But the most telling part of the video is the hooded piano player.

He knew exactly what he was going to do.

He knew he was going to play that song.

But if you ARE going to go ahead and do something like that at least have the courage of your convictions because if there’s nothing wrong with it, why hide yourself?

But was the song condemned by over 1.4k comments? Was there a hint of Everyone Anyone in the Rangers supporting Facebook comments?

Of course not because deep down, it’s killing them not being able to sing it at Ibrox. They deny that the songbook is dead. But, like their debts, it is just bubbling under the surface until they are brought down to earth with a bang.

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