Hearts fan slammed on Twitter for astounding songbook hypocrisy

You know when you here the first two words of THAT song, Celtic are in town.

The Hearts fans and their bile and vitriol can really be as ugly and worse than those across the other end of the city but what last night did tell us all is that this sectarian problem in Scotland is not just a west coast issue.

It’s all over the country. And I don’t care how many people try and tell me it’s not.

A Hearts fan took to twitter to complain about the Celtic fans choice of songs last night when he said:

Now, those songs, for me, have no place in football and from the quote tweets the Celtic fans are using some of their replies to wind this guy up but what they also did was show his complete lack of self awareness when it was pointed out to him that his own fans were not much better:

Those in glass houses and all that eh?

One thought on “Hearts fan slammed on Twitter for astounding songbook hypocrisy”

  1. Until we address our own issues guys we simply cannot comment on others. The constant singing of songs that glorifies the IRA is unacceptable. We (Celtic fans) need to call this out. We have so many brilliant football songs and yet this nonsense continues. It’s 2022. Move on.

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