Listen as Hugh Keevins calls out Kenny Miller’s Celtic hypocrisy

Well there you go!

Never would I have thought that I would be writing this.

With all the furore over *Rangers writing to the SFA over their ridiculous one sided complaint about referee Kevin Clancy, Kenny Miller was having his say on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard.

One of the points of discussion was the Aberdeen penalty where the ball moved before Lewis Ferguson slotted the ball home to equalise for the home side.

Miller believes that the penalty should have been retaken but doesn’t believe that Tom Rogic’s one that he missed on the day the Newco put Celtic out the Scottish Cup on penalties 5-4 back in April 2016 should have been for one incredible reason. Have a listen:

For those that can’t listen in, here is what was said:

Keevins: “Of course, when I mentioned the Rogic one Kenny said, ‘What a day that was!’ you know so did he (Miller) not ask for a retake then?”

Miller: “By the way, slightly different as it was his planted foot that made the ball raise, so it was a little bit different in. The ball never moved. The ball never moved. It was the pitch under it. So it’s a completely different scenario.”

Even host, Gordon Duncan, couldn’t believe what was being said.

Absolutely breath taking isn’t it?

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  • I don’t understand ,are all these x players , are they still playing for servo only because it’s a rangers thing I think they brainwash all of the players , we at parkhead had j stein, and numerous players who where
    not catholic’s .
    I think there is a problem with all the . referees to not all catholic’s Neither is the s f a , and I think this is where
    The problem arises Ferguson’
    only wanted to crock as many players as they could he was not interested in the match , I hope someone says
    To Celtic manager that they will try to kick them off the park . it’s not safe for our players out on the field and the powers that be uafa has to be informed sooner than later .or football in this country that’s scotland bye the way .is going To the old style catholic’s v prodesant. Yes football in a passionate sport but we don’t need the divide
    Or someone is going to get killed . Please tell our manager it’s not sport ,it’s being a gladiator.

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