“The trauma of administration and liquidation has truly ruined them”, “Could be the most stupid tweet of 2022” – The latest ramblings from the Ibrox support is truly mindblowing

You take a weekend off and you miss so much great content.

I mean, it’s as if these *Rangers fans knew I wouldn’t be around to point out their outstanding lack of self awareness when it comes to accusing my club of cheating.

I mean, side letters, EBT’s, tax dodg….I mean avoidance. Cheating doesn’t even cover HALF the Oldco got away with which makes this tweet coming up even more stunning.

Yep. Outstanding lack of self awareness here.

Loyalty: Chased Stevie G down the street when they heard he was sniffing around Aston Villa.

Honesty: £!00m of losses in 10 years for Newco and tax ‘avoidance’ for the Oldco.

Honour: How many times have their fanbase been caught being racist and anti Irish this season?

And I’m still trying to work out what his Celtic point is?

I didn’t really have to as the Celtic fans rinsed this account in a way only Celtic fans can:

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