Sevco fans sick abuse on Moussa Dembele tweet

Earlier in the week, I wrote about how Moussa Dembele tweeted about Scott Brown’s wind up of Ryan Kent.

The Celtic support lapped it up and, clearly, the tweet was sent as a bit of fun.

What I didn’t notice was the abuse aimed at the former Celtic striker from *Rangers fans as they mocked him for collapsing during a health scare when he was on loan at Atletico Madrid.

There really is no barriers these peepul will cross if they feel wronged.

Football banter should be kept to just that. Banter.

But there is a strong element of *Rangers twitter that simply cannot keep it to just that.

They either get personal, tweet child abuse point scoring rubbish and on some occasions, just downright shocking abuse.

Just like these guys did:

You just have to wonder at the mentality of these people.

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