“GVB should get another transfer window before we play Celtic” – Yes. This Sevco fan was completely serious

Out of everything I have read all week, this must be the most outlandish piece of nonsense I have ever seen.

With Celtic returning from the winter break with players returning from injury and strengthening their squad in the transfer market, the paranoia from Govan has been reeking out of them.

From claims that Celtic s**t it to face them on the 2nd January the next one to hit social media is now sporting integrity. And this one is a belter.

This *Rangers fan replied to a Celtic supporters tweet about sporting integrity with this belter:

A transfer window just for Gio. Just him. No one else.

And before anyone claims he was kidding. He wasn’t:

Just when you thought they couldn’t get anymore crazier than they are now, they come away with this one.

Ok, then why don’t we wind back the clock and let Celtic not pay taxes, issue side letters and use EBT’s to help try and stop the Oldco’s nine in a row because it’s all about sporting integrity right?

I’ll leave you with the dead clubs legacy.

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