“Some Rangers fans have practised and and learned to say, ‘Our club was nearly liquidated’.” – Listen as Graham Spiers admits Rangers is a new club

It is not very often you hear a journalist admit the truth. But a Rangers supporting journalist?

Up until now, we have seen all the usual hacks deny the liquidation event in Govan and peddle the same club myth that so irks the Celtic fans.

So imagine my shock when listening to the Press Box podcast hosted by Graham Spiers that that is exactly what DIDN’T happen!

I always find Spiers quite a fair and impartial journalist but I have never heard such honesty from any media man regarding the fatal Ibrox even.

Speaking about the Celtic AGM, guest, Harry Brady of The Celtic Underground, was referencing the ill thought out Brian Wilson obituary and was telling Spiers the very reasons why that alone, shows just how out of touch the Celtic board are with the fans, “The issue for me would be using the term, demotion and Rangers just wouldn’t be in my vocabulary. That’s the issue.

If it’s in your vocabulary, then it’s in your thoughts. Because it is factually incorrect.

The factual position is Rangers, the old Rangers, voted the new Rangers into the league and sent them a good luck message on their first day pf performance.

“The legally factual position is Rangers went bust, a new Rangers started at the bottom of the league. If you use anything other than that, you are facilitating the same club myth.

“That is the biggest illustration of the detachment of the board from the club that somebody would use that terminology and not realise it’s an issue until it’s pointed out.”

Spiers, incredibly agreed but did play devils advocate, “I mean, I can see this two ways and the in the first instance, I mean, Brian Wilson, just got it factually wrong, of course, he did.

“Some Rangers fans have practised and and learned to say, “Our club was nearly liquidated. We know liquidation took place, we know what happened to to Rangers, and we know that the Newco had to come in and start at the bottom.

“Brian Wilson has been a very good journalist in, in his time, but I can see how in terms of that language in that, preposterous interpretation of history. If you, if you’re an impassioned Celtic fan you would just think it was ridiculous. So I can see both sides of it.”

What a turn up for the books this is but I can’t see this catching on. Can you?

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