Kris Boyd Tries To Create Controversy Where There Is None. Will This Boy Ever Learn?

This was a strange listen to be honest. An argument that was put to bed by Ange Postecoglou weeks ago has resurfaced again courtesy of the master of word salad, Kris Boyd.

Boyd has made a living at eating alphabet soup and spraying a mouthful over our TV screens and now he’s doing the exact same thing to our ears (not the best analogy, but you know where I coming from).

Speaking on the Sky Sports Scottish Football podcast, Boyd raised the backroom staff question again, even though Ange Postecoglou addressed it numerous times in the media.

Boys was in an over excited mood as he couldn’t wait to rip into this old argument as he said, “There was plenty to be said when Neil Lennon was not able to bring in his own backroom staff.

Nothing against John Kennedy, and Steven McManus is in there helping again, I’ve played with two of them.

Nothing against them at all. From what I’m led to believe, very, very good coaches.

But if you go into football club, you want to bring in your own man. You want to have somebody that you can rely on so he can say, ‘You know what, what do you think‘?’.

Somebody that you can trust. He might in time trust the guys, but as it stands right now, he doesn’t even know them! He doesn’t even know them.

The squad has just been patched up to play a massive Champions League qualifier and they have came up short. It’s another embarrassing result for Scottish football .

We’ve been going on about how bad Celtic where. Celtic dominated both the games for large parts of them and should have won.

But look, there’s a long, long way to recovery for Celtic. And I’ll be honest with you, they have only themselves to blame.

And the fans, when you look at it. They stood up last season, and made their voices heard and nothing was done about it and the exact same things happening again. They will only take so much before the crack.

Just in case Boyd has forgotten, Ange said EVERYONE will get the chance to prove themselves at the club. That wasn’t limited exclusively to players. It meant coaches, backroom staff even the tea lady/man. Ok the last one was stretch but you catch my drift.

To raise this again is just plain and simple mischief making from a former *Rangers player who failed to put the boot into Celtic on the park but is now accustomed to doing it off it.


  • As long as you keep writing about him , he’s gonna keep talking

  • “But if you go into football club, you want to bring in your own man. You want to have somebody that you can rely on so he can say, ‘You know what, what do you think‘?’.

    How the hell would you know you talentless fud? You have ZERO managerial experience as only the hunniest of hun worshippers would ever consider you for a coaching gig! You only have the platform you have because of your hun brethren throwing your pathetic erse a bone, you brainless moronic fud.

    The wasted energy and resources used to promote this eejit’s proclamations are actively contributing to destroying the planet. Typical selfish behaviour from the forces of hunnery, if they live in a giant toxic sh*tehole then so must the rest of us…

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