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“I have sympathy for him and Rangers” – Mark Guidi hammers home Ange message that Michael Beale and the Ibrox fans will not like

Celtic are miles ahead of any other club in the country. And I include that new club on the other side of the city.

In two must win matches, the Newco have failed to get the result that they needed but, if truth be told, we never really played to our full potential in both games at Ibrox and Hampden and I am confident that, if we had to, we could have stepped up a couple of gears and blew them away.

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And that is exactly the same thoughts that Mark Guidi had when looking at both teams.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Guidi said, “I have sympathy for him [Michael Beale] and for Rangers because they are up against what I think now, is an unstoppable machine in Celtic.

No matter how good Rangers are, I don’t think they’re ready to go and overtake Celtic at the moment.

It looks like it’s a long way off.

And that’s when I feel sympathy for him because Celtic are just unbelievable under Ange Postecoglou.”

And that is exactly the point. No matter how good this current Rangers team play under Beale, they will never be a match for us.

That’s not me being smug, I am being realistic.

Look at their first eleven. We have players that can’t even make the bench that would walk into their first team.

That’s how strong we are and how far they have to go to get near us, never mind match us.

Beale has one transfer window and even at that, he won’t get the funds he needs to compete.

Brilliant isn’t it?

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