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“Most embarrassing thing I’ve ever read”, “Whilst singing f*** the Pope?”, “Sectarianism is funny eh, Derek?” – Celtic fans fume as convicted bigot returns for clash

Good old Scottish media. You can always rely on them for some funny quips, headlines and a welcome home for their footballing heroes.

Except this guy is no footballing hero.

It’s Kyle Lafferty. Who is returning from a 10 game ban after admitting to sectarian bigotry when he referred to Celtic fans as a ‘pack of fenian bast*rds‘.

But was the reports centred around how sorry the Kilmarnock striker was for his comments? Some regret or remorse even?

Of course not. Kyle Lafferty was reported as ‘bursting’ to face us with the amusing anecdote of ‘doing star jumps’ outside of Derek McInnes’ office.

And it was lauded by the Daily Record.

And the Record even has the cheek and audacity to report this, “Lafferty hasn’t played since October due to a ten game ban imposed by the SFA after a clip went viral appearing to show him using sectarian language.

Appearing? He f*ck*ng did it. He actually admitted to it.

It’s there. All in glorious HD.

It’s this kind of reporting that makes me sick to the back teeth of the Scottish journalists.

It’s little wonder Scottish football fans, and us Celtic fans in particular, have a deep distrust of the hacks.

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