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“We all make mistakes” – Barry Ferguson’s take on Lafferty is just birthday card p*sh

As a nation, we have become so tolerant of sectarian behaviour that it is almost excused away as a ‘mistake’.

You can’t use sectarian language as a mistake just as any normal person doesn’t use racist language as a mistake.

It’s in you. End of.

And the way it rolled off Kyle Lafferty’s tongue in that video makes me feel really uneasy that this may not have been the first time he has used that language but ita the first time he has been caught.

After being hit with a ten game ban, Barry Ferguson was offering his opinion on the matter and I’ve got to say, I was disappointed in how he seemed to just brush it off as a mistake.

Speaking on Go Radio, Ferguson said, “Listen, we all make mistakes and one thing about him at least he’s come out and he’s apologised.

And as you say, Nil By Mouth, he’s going to go and do a bit of work with them. So he’s got his punishment now. I’m sure I heard Derek speak about it and Kilmarnock have punished him as well, I’m sure with a fine.

He’s been punished and the toughest thing for footballer is missing 10 games.

He’s he’s an important player but listen, he’s done wrong. He’s admitted that and now he needs to move on.

And listen, I’m sure Kilmarnock will miss him but these things happen.”

So that’s it then? He’s made a mistake so let’s all move on?

No condemnation? No?

You see how easily this has now been washed away?

Take Malky McKay for example. He was vilified, and rightly so, for his part in racist jokes and comments. Could you imagine anyone even attempting to say he’s just ‘made a mistake’?

No one would dare.

Attitudes like this, like I said, are indicative of where we are as a country and it’s why the word sectarian should not be used to describe

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