Lisbon Lions Stand, Celtic Park

Video: Watch Gordon Strachan brilliantly defend Ange Postecoglou appointment and tell English pundit to get to Celtic Park on a European night

This is a wee throwback but still worthy of writing about nonetheless.

And it takes me back to a time when the media and pundits in Scotland embarrassed themselves on an international scale when it came to their treatment of the Australian.

It truly was horrific.

We had people like Alan Brazil calling him ‘Kajagoogoo’ and Hugh Keevins trying to be a smart @rse by writing headlines like Absolutely Not Good Enough.

They did not cover themselves in glory.

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Until up steps Gordon Strachan with this incredible insight into the Celtic gaffer:

Outstanding from WGS.

Just like Ange, Strachan takes no bull from the press and the wee mans prediction on the Celtic gaffer was absolutely bang on.

Happy Birthday Gordon.

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