“They’re in your face racists” – Phil Mac’s outstanding criticism of Sevco fans after twitter hate fest

Ibrox Stadium

Rangers recent foray into Europe where they faced RB Leipzig should have been a scene for celebration.

A club just over ten years old able to make a semi final of a major European should be celebrated by all, not just the *Rangers fans.

But, of course, they are not ten years old are they? They clearly believe they are 150 years old as the liquidation that happened to the Oldco is now just stuff of legend.

Well, that’s according to their fans and the Scottish mainstream media.

Just this week, Born Celtic reported that a Bundesliga expert pointed out the truth of their liquidation and their fans did not like it one bit. You can read about it here.

But what you will also see is the all too familiar anti Irish racism that follows such pointing out of truths.

And that is exactly what Phil Mac called out in his latest blog.

Because that diatribe just rolls of their tongues (or onto their screens) so easily it’s frightening.

If you replaced Irish with ‘black’ do you think the SMSM would be so silent? Of course not. The selectivity at how they treat racism is embarrassing.

It has to be all or nothing. All racism has to be called out. No exceptions.

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