“Gary Hooper was a better striker!”, “He has never played in the SPL, neither has his club” – Celtic fans rip apart Alfie ‘best striker’ claim

You just know these two bob companies post random nonsense just to get interaction on their twitter feed don’t you?

And thats exactly what this mob got when they tried to stir the pot with their latest tweet.

Utilita ‘Football’ not only got the name of the SPFL wrong when they posted this, but also got the era strikers completely messed up.

They tweeted this absolute mess:

Two things. The SPL was disbanded, what, nearly ten years ago? At a time when this new Rangers had never played in it and wee Alfie has never scored in it.

It just shows the disdain that these English companied hold our league.

And even at that. If Alfie was around at that time, he still wouldn’t be the best player. As these Celtic fans rightly pointed out:

And I’ll leave it with this final comment that puts the nail right on the head:

And I’ll leave it here. This last comment hits the nail right on the head:


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