“Jack hiding behind By Glasgow Times Staff’ moniker” – Outrage as media labels Celtic TIFO ‘sectarian’

Ok, I’m just going to say it

What the f*** is wrong with these people?

Genuinely. What is wrong with them?

As Celtic fans created another outstanding TIFO last night, one Scottish media outlet decided that it was sectarian.

Which part?

The Glasgow Times decided it was and the person that wrote it was so confident in their work, they didn’t even put their name to it.

They wrote, “The banner appears to be a dig at Rangers fans, saying “Send them back to hell, bhoys.”

“It has also provoked controversy by using the word “huns” emblazoned on a tombstone, a word widely seen as a sectarian slur.”

The article is clearly designed for that ‘quick click’ until people realise what utter tosh it is and then shut the page down.

The Celtic fans called it out as being the work of *Rangers writer Chris Jack in the comments section:

FranGer said: “Nothing sectarian about that.
Jack hiding behind By Glasgow Times Staff’ moniker.
My ar .. is being laughed off:-)

Donnie Pollock: ” I’ve fought against various ‘isms’ all my adult life. These include racism, sexism and the big one in this part of the ‘civilised’ world, sectarianism.
I’ve, on occasion, fought shoulder to shoulder with Rangers fans and Protestants and never heard any of them bleat about the term ‘Hun’. But then, THEY weren’t dafties

Old Dignity replied: “Since when has the term Hun been classed as Sectarian?

“I am dining out on your sevco seethe.


Rishi Bzniz had a more philosophical view: “If that is “sectarian” then so are repeats of Dad’s Army.”

That will be that then!

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