Vince Rugari answers the big Postecoglou backroom team question

Ever since the day Ange Postecoglou took over at Celtic there has been this fetish from the media and the Celtic fans as to who he will bring in as his backroom team.

There also seems to be a craze amongst the support to get John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan the sack which, weirdly, only reared it’s head this season when we lost to Livingston and not when we were spanking St Mirren and Dundee 6-0.

But the question is still being asked and the boys at The Celtic Exchange decided to try and get an answer from Australian journalist, Vince Rugari.

Rugari was asked on the podcast if not bringing in his own people was Ange’s style and what the Sydney Herald journalist said was quite interesting, “It’s not usually the norm for Ange. Usually he brings people with him wherever he goes.

But I think Ange is at a point in his managerial career now where he probably thinks he doesn’t necessarily need to bring other people with him because he backs himself and his ability to win over people.

He’s done that with players, of course, at every time he’s coached.

And he’s probably backing himself in here to do this with Celtic with the assistants and to get the assistants to buy into the style of football that he wants to play.

And good luck to him.

If he thinks he can do it then I genuinely give him the benefit of the doubt, in terms of his ability to achieve it.

So it seems Ange has it all under control and this is part of his masterplan. I reckon we’ll see changes next summer once Postecoglou has got his first season under his belt so it still remains to be seen if Kennedy and Strachan do have long term futures at the club.


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One thought on “Vince Rugari answers the big Postecoglou backroom team question”

  1. The fans I know have wanted Kennedy and Strachan out from day one. Who can possibly forget their anemic contribution during their tenure of the team in the final few games of last season. If AP relies on them or his own judgement then sadly it will be another barren year. Get this embarrassing situation sorted ASAP!

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