‘This tweet has been deleted’ – Kyogo treated to shocking online abuse and racism as slander campaign continues

There seems to be some kind of online narrative building where Kyogo Furuhashi is concerned.

The terms diving and cheat are easily being thrown around as Celtic’s Japanese striker continues to terrorise opposition defenders.

On Saturday, Kyogo was involved in a small altercation with Aberdeen defender David Bates. Whilst both were embroiled in a tussle for the ball the Dons stopper seemed to claw at Kyogo’s face in mid stride.

Kyogo went down and that’s when the online vitriol began.

In replies to a tweet by online blogger, James Black, from Not the Old Firm, one such tweet kick started the online hatred towards Kyogo:

Now, anyone with any experience of Twitter will confirm that it doesn’t take much to start a pile on, and in many respects, this guy should know better. And although he cannot be held responsible for the replies, it didn’t take long for the gutter dwellers to announce themselves with some shocking and racist abuse for the Japanese star.

“Everyone Anyone”

And, depressingly, there are many, many more just like this.

The narrative building around Kyogo is alarming, but the ease at which people go straight for racist and sectarian retorts just shows that there is a lot still wrong with the Ibrox support.

It’s not Kyogo’s actions on the pitch that’s needing called out.

It’s the embarrassing behaviour of the Ibrox fans.

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