Match Day Celtic Park

The penalty foul on Kyogo no one is talking about!

VAR is just a riot isn’t it?

The value it brings to fixing poor refereeing decisions for the amount of money that clubs have invested in it is criminal.

Well, it certainly only benefits one club but that is a discussion for another time.

However, it done it’s job once today by awarding Celtic a rare penalty but it missed two blatant ones for me.

The first one is clear as day and has been discussed so much it has Kyogo trending on Twitter.

But it’s the first penalty shout that we should have had that seems to have gone under the radar.

Have a watch of this. It is a quick highlight, but the only real one I could find:

The tug on Kyogo as he tried to get on the end of the ball as it rebounded off the post was as blatant a foul that you will ever see.

And the ref missed it. So why did VAR not intervene?

It was a clear and obvious error by the referee. Well, what is clear and obvious is that VAR certainly doesn’t get decisions correct for teams that play in green and white Hoops.

Maybe if we changed the colour of our top to one that rhymes with ‘who’ we would have gotten the penalty? 

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