“That right mate, aye?” – Portuguese ‘insider’ brilliantly owned for Jota tweet

It seems Celtic fans have had enough of this guy.

The man that brought us Eddy to Leicester Ajer to AC Milan has now brought us another blockbusting scoop in the world of Celtic transfers.

Pedro Almeida has somehow appeared from the woodwork in recent months and refers to himself as a Portuguese insider.

What his insider knowledge is baffles me because it is certainly not his ability to get any transfer story regarding Celtic correct.

Not too long ago he predicted this:

Ajer went to Brentford. Not in the January window, but the following summer.

And then there was this:

Deal done apparently. Except it wasn’t. And it wasn’t even correct when he predicted it back in March as well:

So is it any wonder that the Hoops fans have lost patience after his latest prediction involving fans favourite, Jota?

So not only has he got Celtic signing him, he has him sold on already. He really is gaining a reputation of tweeting absolute nonsense and the Hoops fans called him out on it:

And this sort of garbage is going to ramp up a notch the closer we get to the transfer window.

My advice? Anything ‘reported’ by this guy should be filed under ‘Pish’.

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