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Rangers Tax-Case brilliantly puts to bed the Beale ‘financial gap’ narrative

Michael Beale does love a moan doesn’t he?

He also loves an excuse. Remember before the League Cup final the Rangers boss said that in his list of priorities, the league cup wasn’t one of them?


The nine point gap and strengthening the squad to challenge next season? We don’t have the same financial strength as Celtic.

Excuse. And a wee hint of a lie.

Because they did have the same financial footing this season when you look at the turnover they achieved last season.

It was very close to ours.

But after over a decade of financial mismanagement, the £87m they brought in last season (only £1m less than us) seems to have been completely swallowed up.

And here, in this outstanding thread, Rangers Tax-Case explains why:

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So there you have it. In black and white.

Another excuse coupled in with a wee untruth in an attempt to deflect away from the simple fact that Beale and his team are not, and never will be able to compete with us for the foreseeable future.

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