Listen as Hugh Keevins is brilliantly knocked off his soap box over “SnowballGate”

Normallly I don’t defend the Sevco fans on this site. In fact, I never defend them, but in this instance, I thought I would give it a go.

In fact, I’m not even defending them. Just using them for a bit of light entertainment and to bring you a moment of Keevins getting one laid on him.

During yesterday’s 3-1 win over Livingston, the Sevco support thought it would be a great laugh to pelt the Livingston goalie with snowballs.

Makes a change from singing their usual vitriol but we are where we are.

Commenting on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Hugh jumped on his high horse to condemn the ‘younger generation’ of fans when he said, “David Martindale is looking at supporters and saying what is going on here?

“You know, that we can’t get this started and he’s telling them to just, please stop it, but I just don’t get the modern day younger element. I know I’m not supposed to get the modern day younger element.

“All they’re doing is disrupt the progress of the game and it’s Rangers fans that are doing it!”

Now, what was brilliant about this piece is Gordon Duncan’s reply to Hugh. Have a listen:

Put. In. Place.

And this is what is wrong with the ‘older’ generation. They certainly do have selective memories when complaining about the younger football fan.

One thought on “Listen as Hugh Keevins is brilliantly knocked off his soap box over “SnowballGate””

  1. I’m what is classed as a Celtic da, a term I detest by the way, I’ve been going to football games since I was 5 and I’m 56 now and I’ve seen a lot in my time but the sevco support are a disgrace. Every generation of their support gets more militant than the last and it starts in the home it’s bred into them the hatred, the bigotry, the racism. Every one of their supporters I’ve tried to engage on why they’re like this has told me it’s because Catholics are taught to hate them in school. Now when I point out that that couldn’t be further from the truth and in fact not all Celtic supporters are of one religion they know their argument has fallen at the first fence they don’t want to know. These guys wear their “culture” like a badge of honour it’s indoctrinated and endemic in our society as per the foodbank drivers being fined when they were collecting for the poor proves. Until Scotland becomes a 21st century country and not some 17th century backwater and cesspit of spurious bile by those in authority and the sevco support nothing will ever change. In my opinion it won’t happen in my lifetime and unless the government and the police, who think they’re above the law, change their outlook we’ll still be having this debate in 2121. The Scottish press and media are as bad covering everything up that that club and it’s supporters do, they should be ashamed. We need a journalist with the balls to expose everything that sevco have got away with pre and ante 2012. The SFA and SPFL are complicit in all of this yet not one other chairman or club are asking for change in the governance of the game. It proves to me that Scotland is weak but we knew that anyway when we became the only country to ever vote against independence in history, it sickens me it really does.

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