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“It makes me feel sick in my mouth” – Halliday stays classy with anti-Celtic comments

He tries to come across as an impartial pundit.

He tries to sound as if he has no leanings towards a certain club in Glasgow, but like his hairline, the mask sometimes slips and the true Andy Halliday comes screaming out.

When you watch him on Open Goal, you see a ned like character trying to be funny with the lads down at the pub in what used to be a funny and fresh podcast.

When he’s on Clyde 1, he’s completely different. Tries to cut out the slang and come across as a well balanced pundit, but on this occasion he let his hair down. Literally.

Discussing Celtic’s new signing Alistair Johnson on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Halliday said, “Do you want the story because it makes me feel a bit sick in my mouth when I’m going to tell you this.

I was watching the Canada v Belgium game because me and my brother play this game where every time there’s an international competition, ten players, at least, get a big money move at the end.

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They’ll get bigger clubs based on the World Cup performances alone. And I was watching the game and I actually messaged my wee brother, ‘Who’s this right back for Canada?

He was so athletic and strong the way he was using his body. And I looked him up on Wikipedia.

Montreal Impact and I actually messaged my little brother saying, ‘Give it a week and he will sing for a club’.

To my disgust, the next day, he’s linked with Celtic. Honestly, I was gutted because to be honest, he was very, very impressive in that game.”

I’ve never heard an ‘impartial’ pundit give such a biased and ridiculous view of a Celtic signing in my life, Not even from the worst of them, Kris Boyd.

Now, no doubt we will all be told that this was in jest, it’s not to be taken literally, but this guy is PAID to give an unbiased punditry opinion on a national radio station.

There was nothing unbiased about this when you look at the terminology used.

Maybe Halliday’s next trip to Turkey could encompass a removal of the big chip he has on his shoulder.

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