“In the words of Kris Boyd” – Stand up comics penalty ‘mason’ tweet sends Celtic fans into raptures. One reply was simply outstanding!

This just isn’t going away is it? That penalty has to be the most talked about thing regarding that team from Ibrox since their £23m loss was revealed.

But as that loss was quickly brushed away, it looks like Ryan Kent’s penalty award won’t be as the fallout continues.

From referee conspiracies to accusations of cheating, there has been many takes on this penalty award but I never seen this one coming.

Stand up comic, Darren Connell, tweeted out what was clearly a joke, but it certainly resonated with the Celtic support:

Brilliant. But whatever could he be insinuating here? I have no idea but the Celtic fans on the thread did and there was a reply (not that one) from another stand up that was simply outstanding:

But this is the tweet that made me laugh out load, or LOL if you like:

As the season goes on, we will no doubt see more of these decisions being awarded to the Ibrox club and it will be interesting to see what bearing they have on the title run in.


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