“Get Gerrard to f***!” – History revisionism at it’s best underlines Sevco fans’ hypocrisy

As Celtic look set to face the new Rangers under a new manager, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight the absolute fickleness and, for want of a better word, bullshit we have all had to listen to and read about their feelings towards ex manager Steven Gerrard and his medal haul.

Like me, you have all probably seen the defence of the now Villa managers trophy record as ‘not mattering’ as he won the main one that was wanted by the Rangers supporters.

One trophy in nine? Don’t care, he stopped the ten. Which is a fair argument.

But the latest I’ve heard on Twitter, and on a couple of radio phone ins, is the ‘first six trophies didn’t matter’ patter.

Have you heard that yet?

Rangers fans claiming that the first two seasons in Gerrard’s reign didn’t count because of the size of the rebuilding job he had to undertake is just simply laughable.

If you didn’t know the supporter base, you would think that attitude is laudable. Admirable even.

But history tells you otherwise. Remember when they got beat 1-0 at home to Hamilton before the COVID lockdown?

Remember when they got knocked out of the BetFred Cup in the semi final 1-0 against Aberdeen back in 2018?

The Rangers fans didn’t care at the time because of the ‘rebuilding job’ right?

Of COURSE they didn’t. However, Twitter is a wonderful thing and let’s have a look at all those tweets conveying their empathy towards Gerrard after those defeats during a very difficult rebuilding job:


See! Supportive in every way as the former Rangers boss gets to build a team capable of challenging Celtic.

But surely now, that he stopped the 10, he leaves a legend and with the fans best wishes? Surely after all that building that Bob would have been proud of, he is allowed to move on with the thanks and grace of the Ibrox support?

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