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“Another home tie!”, “We will smash them!” – Follow Follow’s bizarre and smug reaction to Scottish Cup draw

We all remember this, right?

Well, Follow Follow have just done a forum version of that as they have, bizarrely, celebrated the draw as some sort of blessing in disguise.

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Now look, I get it. They are an entitled lot. They need to show their staunchness and how they are confident still of beating us. No issue with that, but with the state of their squad, a manager that talks more nonsense than all the others in the league put together and not to mention the fact that they have already had two must win games and failed to win both of them against us, their overconfidence in this thread is just astounding.

And the first comment just about sums up where this is going:

Nope, he wasn’t kidding. He was 100% serious.

But the best thing about this (and the last ten years to be fair) is that it’s the hope that kills them.

They genuinely believe they are a club that they are not. They believe that they are entitled to win silverware because ‘We ur Rainjurs’.

That’s the kind of self-entitled nonsense they have been coming away with for the last decade.

And, after reading these comments, I cannot wait to put them right back in their box.

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