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“Celtic should be more concerned” – Rangers fan shows his ignorance as he warns there won’t be another ‘hammering’ on the cards

You have to admire their hope. Eventually it will be the hope that kills them. Again.

And if you ever need to hear just how deluded these fans are when it comes to over hyping their own side whilst trying to downplay ours, it’s this Rangers fan caller right here.

Calling Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, this fan was either drinking his own kool aid or is just plain ignorant to our teams strengths, “Given the fact that we’ve got a settled back four I think it’s highly unlikely there’ll be another hammering on the cards.

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Celtic should be more concerned about Rangers front players.

You know if Fashion Sakala plays, whoever will play at left back, who will cope with that?

I mean, this is a game where you could find that there was two very offensive minded teams and that a lot of the game is placed in the middle of the park and that there’s not a lot of clear cut chances.”

Ok, let’s start with the obvious. If the game is played in the middle of the park, the Ibrox side are in serious trouble. Hatate, McGregor and either O’Riley or Mooy have been on fire this season.

Goals, dominating play and keeping possession, our midfield trio will control and/or kill off the game with their quality.

And as for Sakala, he has to contend with Greg Taylor. Not an out of position defender who was seeking a move and suffering from a sickness bug.

I take it back. They are not deluded, they are just plain ignorant.

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