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“Celtic are a good distance ahead on and off the pitch” – Mark Guidi fires ‘fantastic’ reality check to Beale and the Ibrox board

I think every Celtic fan already knew this to be honest but it is refreshing to see someone in the media actually come out and say it.

For the best part of this century, Celtic have been utterly dominant domestically. We are set to pick up our seventeenth title since 2000 and off the park we have never been in a better place.

And for the chasing pack in Scotland, it is only going to get worse. Especially for our rivals across the city.

Journalist, Mark Guidi laid out some uncomfortable truths for the Ibrox outfit and although he expects them to challenge us at some point, the trouble coming their way this summer makes that look ever increasingly unlikely.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Guidi said, “For Celtic they keep doing it every window pretty well.

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You look at the January window they seem to have come out of it pretty well. They seem to be well prepared. Financially they are in a fantastic place.

If they need to go and do things in the market they probably have got really good flexibility to go and do so.

So right now Celtic, I think, are a good distance ahead, on and off the park. But you can never be complacent and you know that Rangers are coming hard and fast after them.

They’re up for the chase and they want to go and overtake them.”

Things are looking very good for is both on and off the park. With Rangers needing to adhere to UEFA’s financial fair play regulations and with a number of top team stars out of contract this summer, it will be a long time before they are even close to catching us in the league.

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