Alex Rae continues his Celtic agenda on Sky. Is he watching the right team?

This is continuing theme this week.

The more I here pundits talk about our defence the more it enrages me.

Against Leverkusen we have shipped seven goals. Undeniable proof that we need to defend better in Europe, but domestically? We have the least goals conceded out of all twelve teams in the league.

Eight domestic clean sheets tells me that the Celtic defence isn’t as bad as some people are making it out to be, and yes, we could improve but that is more down to the style of play we adopt than the quality we have at the back.

There will always be risks involved when playing our type of football.

But speaking on Sky Sports, Alex Rae opened his mouth and spouted the party line without a single hint of irony, “Yeah I think on the back of going over to Leverkusen, it was a very difficult night for them and I have to say the boy Jota, five in five though as he continues to impress.

I think they look to try and sign him up on a permanent deal but for me the key man is Callum McGregor. I think he’s excellent the way he goes about his business.

Set up the goal yesterday a bit fortunate with the winner, however, by closing down he managed to get a big three points.

“They haven’t changed the way they try and play. They’re very aggressive going forward the very pleasing on the eye.

Defensively still got a bit of work to do. They ship the odd goal here and there.

I think January is going to be big but they have to get, I think it’s 10 games between now and January 2 were they play Rangers.

They’ll want to keep ticking away and be looking for the same players to keep pitching in with these big performances.”

Ship the odd goal here and there? Is it not his own team that has not kept a clean sheet in 10 prior to Thursdays 2-0 win against Sparta Prague? And did they not concede again yesterday?

There seems to be this agenda against the club in the puditry world were if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

It’s time for them to change the record.

One thought on “Alex Rae continues his Celtic agenda on Sky. Is he watching the right team?”

  1. Unfortunately Rae can’t see beyond his bigotry to try and say something positive. He always has to end what he has said with a negative. I am glad I am not like twat ,I mean that not twat.

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