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“I’ve started a petition to change the ref” – Glorious Follow Follow meltdown as reality bites

Last one, I promise.

Ok, I’m lying but my goodness they are box office for laughs aren’t they?

The Bears at Follow Follow can’t believe that by playing fairly and not committing fouls, you don’t get booked.

Of course, they are used to rugby tackling players are not getting sent off or booked but that’s ok though isn’t it?

I genuinely believe the reality of a potential embarrassing scoreline on Saturday is really starting to take hold and it seems that they are wetting the bed.

But a petition? Come on.

Even when the refs were happily giving their funny handshakes back in the late 80’s I never heard of the Celtic fans looking for a petition.

Anyway, enjoy this thread of pain and paranoia:

Of course, every foul doesn’t always equate to a card but we’ll let them fester on it……

And the reason for our Quadruple Treble and Nine In A Row? This belter right here:

Never change lads, Never change.

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One thought on ““I’ve started a petition to change the ref” – Glorious Follow Follow meltdown as reality bites”

  1. Might want to update your article. It’s a Celtic fan who started the petition to change the Ref, due to the Refs links with Rangers via his day job as a teacher affiliated officially with Rangers. They are taking the piss of that fact etc. The rest of it is laughable from them, we don’t get carded as we’re not as dirty as them/rest of the league and we actually play good football.

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