“As if any Japanese player would go anywhere near yer toxic racist cesspit of a club” – Guess where Rangers Review ‘sent’ a scout?

Remember when Celtic first dipped into the Japanese transfer market, Ang Postecoglou was derided by our friends from Ibrox?

Also, do you remember when they mocked the signing of Kyogo for being 5 foot 1 and not built for the Scottish game?

And who can forget the racist abuse aimed at Kyogo as well as a *Rangers media driven campaign calling him a diver and a cheat?

And don’t get me started on the Japanese flag outside a Celtic pub. And of course the Monkey Magic tweet when Hatate, Ideguchi and Maeda were signed on Hogmanay.

So many things wrong with how that support welcomed the signings.

The sheer hatred and bile coming from the south side about our four Japanese stars was toxic. So you would think they would steer clear of the Japanese market when looking at new signings right?


The Rangers Review published an article on three J League stars that they have ‘scouted’ they feel their club could and should sign to improve their team.

You genuinely could not make it up.

I have no idea who the three players are because I refuse to click it but the fact that their fanbase is now desperate enough to copy us whilst enjoying racially abusing the players nationality they seek to sign is just bonkers.

The irony is not lost on us as these Celtic fans called them out:

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