Blue on Blue action as Joe Black turns on Heart & Hand

I have to say.

I never saw this coming.

No. Not the infighting between the Ibrox support, that’s par for the course.

I never thought it would be dropped points at Pittodrie that would have ended them.

I genuinely thought it would have been us and when we ripped the title out of their dead hands.

But there you go.

In the latest developments in the reaction to Celtic breathing down their necks, it seems that they are desperately trying to hold it together whilst simultaneously breaking down.

It’s weird to watch but I can’t help but rubber neck it.

And what better way to watch it than to see one of the worst *Rangers accounts on social media call out one of the worst accounts on social media.

Joe Black, famous for being a Celtic obsessed *Rangers fan called out Heart & Hand presumably for not being vocal enough about the club not spending money in the transfer market.

Now, to be fair to Joe, he done it the cowards way with a screenshot but I helped him out and Lee Wallace’d him.

I don’t care.

But a quick glance at this guys timeline after last nights result shows that he has now gotten good use out of that scattergun he got for his Christmas!


One thought on “Blue on Blue action as Joe Black turns on Heart & Hand”

  1. ‘Get your finger out in the transfer market, gers’…
    Fingers don’t buy player…that takes cash. Reality is starting to hit home over Govan way.

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