“Slavering dross”, “Jesus”, “Worst take I have ever seen” – Celtic fans rinse Rangers troll after Ange claim

The amount of rubbish I have seen these guys post on Twitter and Facebook regarding the early winter break and Celtic reasons behind it is astounding.

From wanting it early to get injuries back (even though nine other clubs voted for it) to the ludicrous claim of sporting integrity from the biggest hypocrite to come out of Ibrox, Alan McGregor, there is really no boundaries these guys won’t cross to try and point score against our club.

But we all knew that already with their previous history.

But this one is a new one on me. Well known Sevco troll Chris McLaughlin entertained us with his reasoning behind the winter break being brought forward, and it’s a classic:

Let’s just forget that from a standing start, Ange had to rebuild the team single handedly. Let ‘s also forget that he has worked under THREE different CEO’s and let’s also forget that the Aussie gaffer is still only six points off the top and has the first piece of sliver ware in the cabinet.

A tremendous claim needs tremendous rebuttals, and that’s exactly what these Celtic fans carved up as they held the Sevco sycophant to account:

This one is a belter, when you take into account the date he posted it:

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