“Bizarre behaviour” -Celtic AND Rangers fans rip apart another Heart & Hand twitter failure

This official media partner to Rangers really is a strange one.

They have tweeted the most bizarre of things over the last few weeks and whilst this one was not unexpected, it was still the cringiest of Christmas Day.

I’ve never understood that club and their fans fascination with the Queen. I genuinely don’t understand any normal persons fascination with adoring a family born into incredible wealth and privilege whilst so many of the people she is meant to serve suffer in complete poverty.

It’s weird right?

She gets a portion of our hard earn wages to sit in a life of luxury and WE are supposed to worship HER?

No thanks.

But Rangers official media partner Heart & Hand do and their Christmas Day tweet proffessing their undying love for a woman who killed their original club because they failed to hand over their taxes to her, was expertly picked apart by Celtic AND Rangers fans.

Thats something I never thought I’d say!

And if you want a right laugh, check out the replies to this!

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