“Better than Rangers actual Christmas video” – Outstanding Gio Elf video goes viral

Merry Christmas folks. I hope you are all having a brilliant time with your families over this festive period.

Normally, I would take today off, but as we wait in excitement for the turkey to be carved, I thought I would share some light entertainment with ‘small’ video for you all.

As we all know, the Rangers fans are absolutely triggered with the Gio height debate.

It’s hilarious how the small things get them wound up but large things like, I don’t know, £100m of losses don’t. Weird that eh?

Anyway, I came across this video today and apologies if you have seen it already, you will understand why I am sharing it:

This twitter account is legendary for winding them up so enjoy some of the best replies:

Viral parody Sky Sports bigotry tweet brings out, well, the Sevco bigots
Amazing how bigots get drawn to something they only understand! #CelticFC
Clyde pundits embarrass themselves as they let Sevco fans Celtic claim go unchallenged
These pundits are professional don't you know? #CelticFC
Chris Sutton fires Sevco ‘collapse’ question ahead of anti Celtic narrative
Good on Sutton. I'm getting sick of the rubbish being spouted about …

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