“You’re a strange one”, “Speccy weapon”, “Delicious tears” – Celtic fans react to Tom English’ weird Celtic tweet

After the euphoria dies down we all get the chance to analyse Celtic’s result against Ross County last night and reflect, on balance, at just how important that 97th minute winner against Ross County actually is.

As football fans, our first reaction is emotion.

And that was evident from the pitch invasion last night from the away fans. Relief and emotion.

But what caused BBC reporter Tom English’ reaction to Celtic’s win last night?

A brilliant advert for the Scottish game, it had everything. A red card. Off the ball incidents. Clear penalty claims turned down and, of course, the last minute winner.

But did Tom focus on all that positivity? Don’t be so daft.

Instead, he chose to take a swipe at Celtic and suggest that maybe the clubs line of being down to the bare bones as a squad is not true.

Which is strange.

A complete bank of forward line. Missing.

You would be hard pressed to name me a team that could cope with that and STILL keep a winning run going.

Well, the Celtic fans took umbrage at English and let him know in no uncertain terms that he was talking out of his erse.

But remember when Tom delivered this classic? Yeah. Tells you all you need to know really.

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