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The incredible four day Twitter thread that led to Celtic ‘destroying’ Rangers in 2012

These peepo genuinely believe all the trope and history revisionism that has been fed to them since their club died in 2012.

The ‘Rangers’ story is remarkable.

It was probably THE most corrupt and disgraceful act of widespread cheating the game has ever seen worldwide yet the press in Scotland helped to create a narrative that no only did they not die, other clubs had a hand in it too.

I can see what the press mean.

It was the likes of Partick Thistle that made the Deadco dish out side letters like sweets.

It was Dundee United’s on field presence that made David Murray shell out £12m for Tore Andre Flo.

And then there is this p*sh that keeps coming up every now and again.

Relegation. Bloody relegation.

How many times will we need to hear this tired old nonsense from this lot.

To be fair, he would have been delirious at this point because this whole conversation took four days to get to his point. From a half time update from his clubs fixture against ABERDEEN, this troll went round all the houses.

Paedophilia, denying racism and sectarianism, liquidation denial and denying that they hold the worst Champions League record. It’s all in there.

Have a look but be prepared for some moonbeams.

I will agree on one thing though. Celtic did help to destroy their club.

We were so strong on and off the park that they had to use EBT’s to stay even close to us. And for that I am thankful.

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