over the shoulder view of a referee showing the red card

Stuart Dougal’s Sevco red card smug comments were not surprising but look very foolish now

I find it completely bizarre that whenever a favourable VAR decision goes for *Rangers, the media and the BBC in particular, wheel out these former referees to make sure the ludge members are defended to the hilt.

Ok, that was a cheap shot but you get my point.

Now, to go back to what I am talking about. The Nicky Clarke Ibrox red card was a complete shambles and another example of how VAR is working for one club, and one club only.

Willie Collum produced the red card after Clark and Ryan Jack collided in the middle of the park and the St Johnstone player was off with over 60 minutes left of the game to play. Convenient.

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Most professional footballers agree that it was not a red card but we can’t have that now, can we?

So the BBC decided to wheel out Stuart Dougal to offer this:

To be fair to Richard Foster, at least he saw sense, but Dougal’s smug face when he assured us all that the footage ‘quite clearly‘ proved the referee and VAR got the decision correct. Did it really?

I’ll just leave this here:


2 thoughts on “Stuart Dougal’s Sevco red card smug comments were not surprising but look very foolish now”

  1. Why dose some one not put together all these clips and present.s them to the SFA and see what thy have to say it would be very interesting

  2. Hopefully wee Nicky Clark sticks one in the back of the net against Knewco and you all start crying about how he should have been suspended.

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