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Derek McInnes has been allowed to tell a bare faced lie about Ange Postecoglou unchallenged

VAR has been the bane of Scottish football. In fact, it’s been the bane of Celtic ever since the first game against Hearts at Tynecastle when we were denied a penalty after it ‘failed’ to pick up a blatant handball by Michael Smith.

We have also had many ridiculous handball decisions go against us whilst seeing many handball decisions for us denied.

But one thing we have to admire about Ange Postecoglou is that he never gets involved in the media and Scottish football managers bitching about the new(ish) technology.

In fact, the only gripe Ange has had and he’s been fairly consistent about it, is the length of time it takes to make VAR decisions.

Whether it goes for or against us Ange has never criticised any decision that VAR has made.

So why, then, was Kilmarnock manager Derek McInnes allowed to get away with lying about our manager?

As reported by Football Scotland, McInnes moaned, “It’s frustrating. You hear Ange Postecoglou and whoever talking and almost scoffing at VAR as if they get nothing.

While we, if you look at it, have had zilch. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. We don’t seem to get any breaks at all.

Incredible that the first name he goes for is the Celtic manager. Or is it?

McInnes knows fine well what he has done. He knows that by highlighting Celtic it means it gets more publicity, takes the focus off of his team which are absolute dug meat at the moment and also makes it look like Ange is paranoid.

But then what do you expect off a guy that has serious Rangers leanings and claimed that a handball his OWN TEAM didn’t get awarded at Ibrox was correct.

Ange Postecoglou’s class reaction to Lee Johnson’s post match rant

I think we all need to agree that no matter your footballing leanings, the referees are never going to keep every set of supporters happy.

Celtic fans are, rightly, suspicious of VAR and how the new technology is deployed whenever we play, but Lee Johnson wasn’t happy firstly with the red card in the game and believed referee Steven McLean’s performance was unacceptable.

Weird considering the amount of time wasting antics his side and himself got away with but there you go.

Ange wasnl asked about Johnson’s comments on VAR and his answer was just first class.

Ange is just a class act and refuses to get drawn into petty arguments. The press in Scotland hate that.

He gives them nothing but, in turn, takes them for absolute mugs.

£1.1m EBT recipient picks his favourite referee. His choice will not surprise you

Referees. Who needs them? Well, we all do but what we really need is referees with impartiality and a penchant for doing their job right.

Unfortunately, we have neither in this country. 90% of referees are Rangers fans Peter Grant once famously said. And when you look at some of the decisions we get compared to them, it’s hard to disagree with that statement.

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So when Craig Moore was asked who his favourite ref was in his playing days, it’s hardly surprising who he has chosen.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Moore said, “I’m gonna go for Hugh Dallas.

I thought he was a very good referee. I really did. He had the respect to the player’s. I thought he was fantastic.”

If you get the chance, listen to the podcast. Its the two minutes of Thursday nights episode. You will hear Andy Walker’s instant and, no doubt accidental, reaction.

Because, deep down, he knows what we have all known for years. That these mistakes are just honest ones, right?

The Rangers penalty that was given v The Livingston one that was not. Is the game bent? You decide

The problem with refereeing in this country, apart from the fact that it is shockingly bad, is the lack of consistency when it comes to awarding penalties.

One club seems to have lady luck smiling on them and the sharpest set of eyes on VAR every time there is a hint or a whiff of one whilst others, well, they’re just “unlucky”.

“Penalty Rangers” is a trending joke in Scottish football. Not just from Celtic fans, but the whole of Scottish football.

And when you look at the penalty Livingston where denied yesterday:

And compare it to this:

The lack of consistent refereeing is palpable.

Look, the letter of the law, Rangers penalty is a penalty. It’s soft, but it’s a penalty alll the same. But so is Livingston’s claim.

It’s little wonder fans in Scotland believe the Ibrox up have an instant advantage before they even take to the pitch because, clearly, they have.

Stuart Dougal’s Sevco red card smug comments were not surprising but look very foolish now

I find it completely bizarre that whenever a favourable VAR decision goes for *Rangers, the media and the BBC in particular, wheel out these former referees to make sure the ludge members are defended to the hilt.

Ok, that was a cheap shot but you get my point.

Now, to go back to what I am talking about. The Nicky Clarke Ibrox red card was a complete shambles and another example of how VAR is working for one club, and one club only.

Willie Collum produced the red card after Clark and Ryan Jack collided in the middle of the park and the St Johnstone player was off with over 60 minutes left of the game to play. Convenient.

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Most professional footballers agree that it was not a red card but we can’t have that now, can we?

So the BBC decided to wheel out Stuart Dougal to offer this:

To be fair to Richard Foster, at least he saw sense, but Dougal’s smug face when he assured us all that the footage ‘quite clearly‘ proved the referee and VAR got the decision correct. Did it really?

I’ll just leave this here:


“He would be better just picking it up ffs”, “Just another day in the SPFL” – Outstanding Tynecastle ‘honest mistake’ comes under the spotlight

If it wasn’t such a serious issue, this would be hilarious.

VAR in Scotland benefits one club and one club only. *Rangers.

They are the only club in the country that have never been penalised for handball but yet they are the only team in the country that commits more handball offences than any other in the league.

Make it make sense.

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And the main culprit for that is Conor Goldson.

The big defender has committed the offence on three separate occasions , more infamously in the Glasgow Derby draw at Ibrox, but every single time the VAR officials find him not guilty.

It’s incredible.

And after footage of the handball was released on Twitter, the Celtic fans could not believe what they had witnessed:

“When in doubt send for Crown Bar Beaton” – Celtic fans learn Wednesday night’s Hearts v Sevco ref and VAR team

You know when the powers that be are desperate to stop Celtic is when they roll out their refereeing Dream Team don’t you?

Even after all the dodgy VAR decisions the Ibrox club seem to get in their favour, we are still head and shoulders above them in the league.

We are ahead and likely to win the league despite the helping hand they are getting from the video ref.

And when you look at the shocking decisions that VAR seem to award them and deny us, it is undeniable that there is something not quite right going on.

And when the officiating team for the clash of *Rangers and mini *Rangers was announced, the Celtic fans treated it with the suspicious contempt it deserved:

*unbelieveable right?

And you can just bet that there will be at least one, maybe two, decisions that will go for them on Wednesday night.

If they are struggling to break Hearts down, watch for a contentious red. Finding it hard to hit the back of the net, watch how the ‘handball rule’ benefits them once more.

I could put money on it.

Video: Another Penalty to Rangers. Another shocking VAR decision

It’s got to the point where its not even funny anymore.

Penalty Rnagers is the most common phrase in Scottish football. And what is also very common is the amount of VAR decisions that seem to go for the Ibrox club.

They are the only club on the SPFL that VAR has been good for. Absolutely no question.

And it is little wonder fans of all clubs are questioning those that run the games officiating system.

Take this penalty call at Ibrox this afternoon:

I mean what the f**k is that?

The defender seemed to be nudged out of the way and lost his balance when the ball struck his hand.

And the best part? The ball wasn’t even goalbound.

It’s so blatant it’s hard not to call corruption.

But, of course, I’m a Celtic fan. I’m just paranoid. It will be interesting to see the St Johnstone fan’s take on it.

The stunning VAR stat that sees Celtic as most ‘punished’ club in Europe

When I saw this I couldn’t quite believe it.

Because, after all, aren’t just paranoid wee Timmy’s that need to stop this refereeing vendetta?

Of course we are.

If you were to listen to the journalists in this country they would have you believe that we are treated no more differently by the referees than any other club.

But this is simply untrue.

Especially when you look at this:

Quite an incredible stat.

Could you imagine this being allowed down south or in any other league in Europe?

And can you imagine it being accepted by any other boardroom of any other club?

The silence on this issue from the suits at Celtic is deafening. Almost as deafening as that from the corridors of the SFA.

But when there is nothing to see, when you are told that these ‘honest mistakes’ even themselves out over the course of the season, what do you?

I was at the game last night. Three goals out of five were checked by VAR. And one was ruled offside.

Let that sink in.

I don’t think I’ve seen that at any level of football in my life.

But, as long as the powers that be accept it, it will continue.

Me? I’ll just keep calling out.

The unbelievable Celtic/Sevco VAR stats and the reason why Keith Jackson is the way he is

Cards on the table, I hate VAR. With a passion.

Apart from the fact it takes away from the moment of the game, it continually gets the big calls wrong.

Well, at least for us anyway.

We have seen the new refereeing technology re-referee our games to such a standard that now, whenever they check anything, we are just expect the decision to go against us.

But when we actually get a decision? The meltdown from certain quarters of the media is just incredible.

Check out these stats:

So why then, when we see one go for us at the weekend, did Keith Jackson go for the jugular and practically call for the Celtic manager to end his paranoia?

Is it his journalistic to seek out the truth? His wanton need to fight for justice?

Or, maybe it was because of this?

The leanings of certain hacks in our media is all too clear to see.

The agenda against our club and for the Govan mob has never been clearer.

But the message now is, to them all, we see you and it is pretty ugly!