Statue at Ibrox

“Never came close”, “F*** him”, “Utterly sick” – Four days on and the pain continues

Right, I am being serious when I say this. The pain these fans from Ibrox I lay partly down to Michael Beale and his players press conference duties.

They pandered to the support and got them whipped up into such a state with their comments and trash talk, the Govan mob did not pay attention to the size of the task ahead of them.

Looking at the facts (which is something they are terrible at) to defeat us we would need to have been at our very worst and they would have had to play out of their skin.

Recent form for both teams show that was never going to happen. We are just blowing teams away whilst they are blowing just to sneak results.

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It wasn’t hard to see.

But all the bluster in the media and over confidence rubbed off onto their fans until the inevitable happened. We win the cup and they go home to lick their wounds.

Which then leads to a harsh dose of reality:

‘Fallen giant’. That’s the biggest laugh. They never have been a giant. Even in the Oldco days, they pretended to be a big club by spending money they didn’t have and they paid the ultimate price.

Their pain is amazing. Long may it continue.

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