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Peter Grant reveals what old school Celtic strikers did if they missed chances to score. Including Judas

At Celtic there is always inherent pressure for strikers to come up with the goods and score goals.

And we have seen some great strikers at the club in our time.

Henrik Larsson, Moussa Dembele, Odsonne Edouard, Chris Sutton.

All prolific and all no stranger to a goal or two.

But going back further in time, during the days of Peter Grant the pressure was probably greater, because the team struggled to win trophies. Especially in the nineties.

And when striker were off form? What did they do to discipline themselves?

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Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Grant said, “So is the measure we’re looking for in a striker, how many chances has he scored?

Do you think he’s just going to turn up on a Saturday and score but he’s missed all week and no hit the back of the net?

Strikers I played with used to get annoyed and I would actually see strikers at our club, if they missed a chance during a game, they would go do press ups because they were so disappointed in themselves because they knew it was an opportunity for someone else who was banging them in.

M* J*hnst*n, Andy Walker, Frank McAvennie. All of them did it.”

Definitely couldn’t see that happening these days. But what it does show you is that competition for game time back then was just as tough as it is now and that being a striker for our great club should not, and was not, taken lightly.

Except by Judas.

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