Celtic Park

John Hartson’s tweet on ticket allocations goes where our media doesn’t dare

I’m going to guess that this ticketing debate is going to rumble on until the end of the season.

And I suppose, in a way, it suits both managers.

For Ange Postecoglou, it means that the latest managerial merry go round down south will take a back seat and he won’t need to deal with the inane journalist questions on it.

And for Beale, it takes the spotlight off his mole.

But what is ever more apparent is the media’s absolute refusal to acknowledge exactly how the ticket issue. But John Hartson went there on Twitter yesterday and his tweet went viral.

Hartson is, of course, bang on the money here and the media’s refusal to discuss it and put pressure on the Ibrox is what has allowed this mess to escalate to where it is at.

More people like John need to come forward and tell it how it is or else this will continue and the Ibrox board will continue to act with impunity and disrespect to the Scottish league.

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