Match Day Celtic Park

Ewan Murray takes a swing at ‘sectarian’ Celtic fans

I’m all for calling out sectarianism in our game.

Genuinely, I am. This site highlights the problem from certain factions of Scottish football, granted mostly Sevco, but we do have an element in our support that still chant their support for the IRA etc etc etc.

Granted, those types of songs are not sectarian, not by any stretch of the imagination, but we have a songbook that is wide and varied and I would rather we sang those songs than give the Scottish media an excuse to vent their faux outrage over this issue.

Just like this guy:

Celtic fans have never once claimed the moral high ground for anything. Well, I suppose if the moral high ground is highlighting decades upon decades of sectarian abuse whilst Cameron and his ilk remained silent about it, then yeah, I suppose we are.

And what is particularly annoying is this guy ignores the chanting from his own vile Hearts support and from the cup semi final yesterday when *Rangers came up against Aberdeen.

THAT is why we call it out. Until they start to call it all out, they should just shut up because their hypocrisy and their agenda, is clear for everyone to see.

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