“Next time you’re at Ibrox I dare you to stand up and chant pro independence chants” – Blue on blue as Sevco fans embarrass themselves

Celtic Park

I always wonder about the mindset of a section (or it could be almost all) of their support.

Their politics confuse me, their reasoning embarrasses me and their justification of determining the destiny of our own country because of their allegiance to a crown that gives not a single f**k about them is just mental.

We all know the vast majority of Rangers fans are simply anti independence because of their club ‘heritage‘ and ‘culture’ and ‘values’.

It’s idiotic and shows them up for being intrinsic and secular.

Anyone that votes against the interests of their own country because of a football team shouldn’t be allowed a vote. It’s that simple.

And this fan gets it:

And the thread is a conversation of mind bending idiocy from a lot of fans raging with that kind of free thought that, if you don’t match that value, you’re ‘not one of them’.

It’s mental:

Even Hearts fans turn on them:

And this has to be the most insane one of them all:

I’ll never understand their support. Ever.

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  • You could use some of that argument on Celtic fans reasons for wanting independence. We are not Ireland, we are Scottish and the differences of being independent are stark. For the record, I would absolutely love Scotland to be independent, but never under the watch of Sturgeon & her cronies. They condone the racism and constant attacks on the catholic and Irish communities and have done zero to improve Scotland in all their tenure. The list is long so I won’t get into to it all, but to think that if we were to go independent just now and think we would be better off for it, is living on dreamland. They can’t cope with the current regularities that we have full control over now. Their message at the last local elections were to vote SNP so we can show Boris and the tories how much we hate them. Nothing to do with how the SNP we’re going to improve the lives of people in Scotland, just hate. They’re nothing but orange tories and have held this country back for years.

    Again, I would absolutely love Scotland to be independent, but only if you had a Donald Dewar type at the helm. Someone who cares and had the intellect to take Scotland forward and not because we want to be like Ireland…because we’re not.


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