“If it was up to me he would been in jail tonight” – Former Celt weighs in on Kurt Zouma

I know this is not really a Celtic issue but as it stands it’s still a football issue.

And Davie Provan said this so there is my tenuous link.

But even so, this was headline news, and rightly so. As the actions of Kurt Zuma made all the back and front pages over the last few days, it seems that the Premier League footballer will just receive a fine for his cowardly animal cruelty.

The French international is seemingly being fined £250k for his actions and if was up to Davie Provan, it would have been a lot worse.

Speaking on Go Radio, the former Celt said, “Listen if it was up to me he would been in jail tonight.

But I do understand why David Moyes played him last night. I think David was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.

If he had left him out last night and West Ham had lost, then he’s got to answer to Karen Brady and Mr. Sullivan, the people who own the club, who are desperate to see West Ham qualifying for the Champions League place.

They played him and they won the game. And now I think they’ve taken appropriate action but you know, whatever action they take fining footballers these days, is a token gesture.

Given the money.

There’s part of me that’s quite glad to see the the stick he’s getting from West Ham fans for what was an absolutely despicable thing to do.”

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  • What a load of bo###x……I am so disappointed if David Provan of all people said Kurt Zoma should be in jail over kicking a cat. While I don’t condone hurting an innocent animal and by posting it caused huge exposure, but to say someone should be put in jail is society going absolutely nuts. People are starving right now in some parts of the world, sexism, racism and violence against woman are still huge issues in society, the world is overheating meaning very little future for our kids and we are focusing on people kicking cats. Get a f##king grip

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