The Racist Abuse Of Kyogo Shames The Rangers Support. But It’s Astonishing Where They Focus The Blame.

The racist abuse towards Kyogo Furuhashi shames the Rangers support. I’m not one for buying into all the support are the same because they are not.

But there is no doubt there is an element within the fan base that continually and ritually dish out racist and sectarian abuse at will and think nothing of it.

Not less than six months ago, the whole of football united behind the club, including Celtic and their supporters, after Glen Kamara was allegedly racially abused on the football pitch.

Their support screamed from the high heavens about that incident, and quite rightly so, and there was a feeling of togetherness amongst the Scottish football support that racism has no place not only in football, but also society.

Which leads to me this thread on Rangers Media. Simply titled “The Sun running a story about racist chants on a supporters bus up to Dingwall” there was an open discussion about the racist chants towards Kyogo.

Now, let me start off by saying, there were members in this forum that completely denounced those fans on that bus and said they were mortified that they had shamed their support and club. But for every fan criticising the abuse, there were two or three others either denying the chants were racist.

But interestingly, a large proportion of the discussion was focused on the person videoing the chants and criticising breaking some sort of moral “bus code”.

Yes. I know. The moral of a bus code compared to the moral of being a decent human being is deemed more important.

So let’s have a look at some of the replies:

There are many, many more on this thread but I want to also offer balance because as I said before, not all are like this:

There is nine pages of it if you can be bothered going through it. I have and I advise you don’t.

Everyone Anyone, anyone?

5 thoughts on “The Racist Abuse Of Kyogo Shames The Rangers Support. But It’s Astonishing Where They Focus The Blame.”

  1. Nothing could shame the Sevco rednecks. You couldn’t mark their necks with a blowtorch. The only thing the same about both Ibrox clubs is the racist hordes that supports them. These people are the dregs of society and always have been The difference is the now support a club with a 9 year old meaningless history and have developed an identity crisis to go with it.

  2. It will be interesting to see what this club’s investigation involves.
    I suspect it will be the usual whitewash, however. Nothing to see here.
    However, this is their chance to show that they can be responsible and I will be pleased if they act accordingly.

    The faces on that bus are easily identified, so there is no excuse for not acting and the punishment needs to be severe. The actual supporters club can be identified. If they are not banned from all future matches and fined heavily, then the club should be hammered.

    This is Scotland’s shame, together with those in authority that allow it to keep happening without their own investigations and sanctions. The Scottish Government, SFA, SPFL and police all have a duty to act here. They all seem to be afraid to do so. There are decent fans at that club, but the lawless seem to be in control and many decent folk live in fear of a visit from that club’s fans.

  3. I bet they say the video’s been doctored like they couldn’t hear the sevco players singing f**k the Pope in their dressing room. The police gave them an escort to George Square not just once but twice in March and May and watched while they wreaked havoc, threatened and intimidated, racially abused and wrecked the city centre, in fact some of the cops posed fro selfies with them.

    We have an FM and government who pay it lip service but ultimately do nothing. They say it’s a football problem and the SFA and SPFL say it’s not part of their remit either, so what happens? It gets swept under the carpet that’s what happens.

    So if the Scottish government and the game’s governing body’s won’t tackle the issue what do we do? We keep calling it out till they have to listen. Is it going to take a player dying before we tackle this head on?

    The biggest problem is Scotland is built on institutional racism and bigotry against the Irish and Roman Catholics respectively. That’s inherently bred into these mutants. I know there are some decent supporters in the Sevco support but they’re in the minority as I alluded to in the George Square debacles.

    A basic human mantra is treat people as you expect to be treated yourself. Well we know how their support expect to be treated as they’ve no respect for other supports, the law of the land, but most of all for their families or themselves.

    It’s a problem in the blue room at Ibrox as well as them postponing flag day till Celtic arrive instead of the traditional first home game of the season. They’ve also refused tickets to our support because we can’t guarantee reciprocation for the new year game as we’re in a pandemic with cases spiking and winter around the corner. That shows how pathetic they are at boardroom level too. Oh and I nearly forgot they might blow the league deal with Cinch because Douglas Park thinks it’s a conflict of interest. In the current pandemic a lot of clubs need that money, but their chairman no less is refusing to play ball. It’s the stuff of primary school playground stuff.

    The sense of entitlement and self aggrandisement knows no bounds and the irreverence they treat the rest of Scottish football with has to be addressed by the game’s governing body’s but more importantly the Scottish government too. Fifa and Uefa should be looking into the Ibrox club too who in 9 years haven’t posted a penny in profit they’re running at losses at approximately £11million per calendar year. They owe the taxman about the same, they owe Dave King the same and they face two court litigations with the judges both insisting will not come down in their favour. So why are we now shocked at anything their support do, they’re only following the lead of their boardroom.

  4. Less than six months ago the Ibrox club were calling out the player who racially abused Glen Kamara and rightly so. Our then captain Scott Brown in a touch of class and solidarity approached the player to offer his support as did the football world, again, rightly so.

    The problem is that TRIFC and the club it replaced RFC who were liquidated and died, despite the bluster and claims they were one and the same club, have put themselves in a paradoxical situation. They can’t choose which racism is acceptable and which is unacceptable. Since the formation of RFC and the newly formed TRIFC their support sing anti-Irish songs en masse at every game they play. So it seems that to them racism against the Irish is acceptable but unacceptable against one of their own players. They can’t have it both ways, like their other paradox of claiming to be the same club, with titles and trophies, but not the debt and a string of creditors left with nothing.

    Let’s look at the statement regarding the racism to Kyogo Furuhashi the club rightly condemned the culprits, so far so good. Let’s look at the wording of the next part the supporter’s who were caught on camera singing the song and the supporters club they’re from are banned indefinitely. What does that actually mean? They could be banned for a week, a month or a year. It’s not even a question it should’ve been a lifetime ban if the club were really taking it seriously. Lastly there wasn’t even an apology to Kyogo from the club for any hurt or upset it may have caused him.

    Now we move to the law side of the debate, these culprits were as clear as the nose on your face, caught on high resolution camera so it’s not even an issue of who they are, it’s to what extent will they be prosecuted? For me fines or community payback don’t cut the mustard the only punishment should be custodial sentencing. I’ve checked this and it’s different for the Court you appear in, in Crown Court you can get 7 years and in Magistrates Court it’s 7 months of course that can change depending on pleas or how the judge or magistrate sees fit.

    I’m not saying these guy’s should get seven 7 years and they’re probably drunk when they sang what they sang but in today’s world members of their own supporter’s club found it utterly reprehensible and posted it on the Internet.

    TRIFC as a club made a statement that seemed irreverent for the situation, an inconvenience, in essence they did the bare minimum. I’ve said before on several platforms that the club and it’s supporters have selective amnesia when it come to certain subjects, the prime example being the sexual abuse in Scottish football scandal which they baited our support with for years knowing full well it went on at a lot of clubs including their own.

    In my opinion they’ve learned nothing over the years they apply selective amnesia to uncomfortable truths that affect the name of their club and support and until they start to address that we’ll be writing the same stuff on these forums and platforms in one hundred years time, unless big brother shuts us down first HH

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